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Faq & Help

What do I need a survey for?
  • A survey is needed for a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to:
    • Purchasing your house: when you apply for a home loan to purchase a house.
    • The majority of the times the bank requires title insurance from title insurance company which may require a current survey.
    • Refinancing your house: when you want to refinance, the bank may ask for a current survey of the property.
    • Any construction to the property whether it be an addition to the structure, a pool, or even putting up a fence.
    • For title insurance: when purchasing a home and obtaining title insurance for the property, a current survey is required.
    • When applying for certain permits, the county may require a current survey of you property.
    • The survey protects you as the homeowner because all pertinent information is disclosed and it is a legal document.
Will the surveyors need access to the inside of the house or building?

Most of the time our surveyor’s only require to be on the outside of the structure on the property. The only times when our surveyor’s will need to enter the structure is if the structure shares common walls with the adjacent properties. The most common example of this is when conducting a survey of a townhome.

What do I need an elevation certificate for?

An elevation certificate is predominantly used to obtain flood insurance for your home if the home is in a flood zone. However, elevation certificates can also be required by the county if you are applying for permits.

What is the typical turnaround time for surveys?

The typical turnaround time for surveys is 48-72 hours, but there are special exceptions. The turnaround time can be shorter if we are contacted and made aware that the survey needs to be turnaround quicker. This can be done at no extra cost. The turnaround time can take longer if the survey is more complex, or if technical issues have arisen that need to be solved.

How many copies of the survey do I receive?

You receive 5 signed and sealed copies of the survey.

Can I have a copy of my survey sent to me via pdf?

Yes you can. Just provide us your email address and we can send a pdf copy with a digital seal to you.

How long is my survey considered good for?

The length of time a survey is considered good, varies depending on the institution that you are presenting it to, and  also on what you will be using the survey for (i.e. permits, constructions…etc.)